About Sindy

Sindy grew up in a small Florida town, her playgrounds with her two brothers were the local swamp marshes, entertaining fun times with local frogs, snakes, and alligators. Sindy attended Florida State University, then found her way working on the open seas for Bermuda Star Lines. upon retiring from this work, she moved to Atlanta and began working in the marketing industry while attending North Georgia State College & State University, and Georgia State University majoring in psychology. She spent recent years assisting families to recession-proof their portfolio, succeed financially, and has developed her real esetate business, specifically in the investment side. Sindy is focused on results, success, and strategies to assist individuals, families, and small businesses. Reggie and Sindy have maintained their Real Estate business through the crash of 2008 and the recession of 2012. Not only have they grown in their business but they’ve flourished personally and are both working diligently to help thousands more families in the future.