Eclipse Family Office


Panorama Capital Group

Magdalena Bay Project

With over 14 miles of water frontage on the Pacific Coast of Baja California, Mexico.
Magdalena Bay is conceived as the next market driven luxury development in
Mexico. Initial plans call for a focus on the luxury boating market in California
given the areas world-class sport fishing, spearfishing and whale watching.
Maggie’s Bay projects include a mega-yacht marina and boatyard facility, 27-
hole PGA quality golf course, tennis center, sporting clays and tactical
shooting range and training facilities, luxury residential community with over
500 single family homes and condominiums tied into the Baja California
lifestyle. Additionally, important to note that utilizing a portion of Maggie’s Bay
acreage, Port One Holding is exploring a cruise ship port catering to an
elevated demographic of customer with smaller ships such as the Ritz Carlton
Yacht Collection. Panorama Capital Group and Eclipse Family Office are
excited about the possibilities for Magdalena Bay.

Port One Holdings LLC

Treasure Island Project

Treasure Island is a Port One Holdings LLC development on Athol Cay, a
93.4 acre island in Nassau, Capital of the Bahamas. This project has been
formed for the development and management of providing a vibrant tourist
attraction targeting and catering to the 3,600,000 cruise ship passengers and
1,300,000 hotel guests that visited Nassau in 2019. This project will deliver a
compelling assortment of activities providing our guests with a genuine sandy
beach, true island experience with 5-star amenities and accommodations.
The project management anticipates an increase growth to close to 5,800,000
passengers, post Covid19 culture, by 2025.

Eclipse Family Office is thrilled to be part of a project that affords a select few
families to build once in a lifetime generational wealth. The repeatable, annual
cash flow generated from participation in a very high very margin business
was a compelling draw for our family’s commitment to partner with Port One
and Treasure Island.

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