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Our goal is individualized, confidential communication with our family members, staff and partners. We provide multi-disciplinary reporting mechanisms with focused purpose. Our 360-view reporting provides comfort and confidence in each of our opportunities with thoughtful and robust investment updates.


Our family office is unique, driven and sculpted by the goals of it's original founders. With more than twenty two (22) years of extensive experience, time tested concepts and insight into industry trends, we have established a rich repository of best practices to draw from. Our business partners, affiliates and opportunity evaluation team each have innate, market based, time tested skill sets.


Combining a balanced approach to capital preservation and wealth creation, Eclipse Family Office curates and designs our direct investments to have security through collateral assignment while capitalizing on equity-like returns in annuity-like structures.


Family governance, education, philanthropy, wealth coaching, goal planning and financial roadmap compilation and exceptional wealth succession planning and consummation.  Eclipse Family Office provides affluent clients with communications and executive interactions so deserved.




Your Family has unique and defined by the goals of the original founders.  Through more than fifteen (15) years extensive experience, mastermind partners, peer networking and monitoring industry trends, we have established a rich repository of best practices to draw on.

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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of Eclipse Family Office is to make investments that consistently generate superior absolute risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.  The EFO Team evaluates investment opportunities by incorporating multi-disciplinary frameworks of analysis to generate thoughtful and robust investment theses.  We are motivated by a profound curiosity to grasp the underlying truths that govern each project.  We believe that our discipline as independent thinkers will allow us to identify these truths resulting in secure long-term success.  The EFO Team shares a common desire to be the best at what we do, and we believe this never-ending pursuit of excellence has intrinsic value independent of any economic benefit that we may receive.  Most importantly, we conduct all business with the highest level of integrity, honesty and discipline.  We hold each of our Family Office Members in the highest due regard and look forward to many years of prosperous endeavors to come. 

Reggie Moon

Reggie Moon

CEO/ Founder


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